NCBI – Working for people with sight loss

N.C.B.I. is a not for profit organisation which offers support and services nationwide to people experiencing difficulties with their eyesight.  The organisation offers a range of services from the Gilbert Centre

Community based services:

N.C.B.I. offer a range of services to assist people with visual impairment to adapt to their situation and maintain their independence.  These services which include advice and information as well as emotional and practical support, can be provided to people at home or in the Gilbert Centre.  Siobhan Keating is a part-time community resource worker for North Cork and can be contacted in the Gilbert Centre every Monday morning from 9.30am – 1.00pm.  Alternatively she can be contacted through the office in Ballincollig on 021-4214962.

Low Vision Clinics

These clinics are held in the Gilbert Centre every 2/3 months and can be visited by anyone experiencing difficulties with their sight. Referral for this service can be by person themselves or by a relative or via GP/ optician.  Here an optometrist assesses a persons vision and working alongside other staff evaluate the impact that sight loss may be having on that person before prescribing low vision and technical aids which can assist that person in their daily lives.

Aids and Appliances

The Gilbert Centre has an aids and appliances room where aids and assisted technology can be demonstrated and items can be ordered.

Benefits and entitlements

N.C.B.I. provide information on benefits and entitlements.

Rehabilitation and mobility training

N.C.B.I. offers training in mobility and independent living skills and provides practical solutions to enable people with sight loss to carry our every day tasks safely and independently.  This service can effectively support people to use their vision or mobility aids, enabling them to develop skills which will lead to greater independence.

N.C.B.I. library

For further information on any of the above please contact Siobhan Keating, community resource worker on 021-4214962.