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This group aims to provide people with MS and their families an opportunity to meet, socialise and share their MS experiences with those who can understand and identify with them in a supportive environment.

The Group provides local support to people and families living with MS in the North Cork area.  It is run by volunteers whom have MS themselves or have somebody close to them with MS.

People in the Group can discuss problems they may have had and how they overcame them, giving other people a chance to use the same techniques to overcome their problem.

The group provides information, raises awareness and offers support and advice on MS.  The MS support group is a fantastic way to meet others and pool information.

Membership of the North Cork MS Support Group is open to individuals/families that experience MS in the North Cork area.

The North Cork MS Support Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 11am in the Gilbert Centre, Mallow.

For further information please visit MS Ireland