Our Mission

Is to passionately serve and relentlessly advocate to empower and support people impacted by brain injury to rebuild their lives.

Services Offered

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is the leading national provider of community-based brain injury rehabilitation (also known as neuro-rehabilitation) services for adults with an acquired brain injury and their families.

A brain injury can affect a person’s ability to manage their own life which is why we work in communities across Ireland to empower people with practical strategies to rebuild their lives. Our services cater for different stages of an acquired brain injury as individuals make progress with rehabilitation goals. We also campaign, educate and advocate for the rights and needs of this hidden group in society.

Every brain is different, unique to each individual affected. At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we look at the whole person. We take account of their environment, their ability and support needs. We look at the life they had before their brain injury. We support them and their families through a tailored rehabilitation plan that focuses on achieving specific goals, related to the individual’s needs.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland services are clinically-led and overseen by a range of clinicians with acquired brain injury expertise, including in Neuropsychology, Occupational Therapy and Social Work. The clinicians are supported by an expert team of Local Service Managers, Case Managers, Team Leaders and Rehabilitation Assistants.

Our Services Include:

  • Assisted Living where survivors of brain injury have 24/7 support in a home-from-home setting within the community.
  • Home and Community Rehabilitation to support individuals to achieve their goals at home, and to encourage integration back into their community and family life.
  • Clubhouse and Day Services provide vital peer support to enhance independence and encourage learning of new skills.
  • Transitional Living Unit bridges the gap for brain injury survivors as they prepare to return to independent living at home.
  • Case Management provides a single point of contact for survivors and their families to support a clear pathway from hospital to home.

Additional Services Offered

On With Life: Carers and Families Programme

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we understand that a brain injury doesn’t just happen to the individual – it happens to the whole family. Delivering support to families is integral to the work we do. Our On With Life programme provides a range of supports including information and education events, peer support networks, listening services and parenting skills training as needed. For more information visit https://www.abiireland.ie/services/family-carer/programme-link/

Step Ahead: Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Our Step Ahead Programme provides vocational assessment and individualised planning and support for people with an acquired brain injury who wish to return to work, training or education. The programme engages with services all over the country, as well as reaching out to individuals and families not currently accessing other services from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. For more information visit https://www.abiireland.ie/services/i-have-a-brain-injury/step-ahead/

About Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injury is a hidden phenomenon in Irish society. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. Yet each year, as many as 19,000 lives are turned upside down from newly acquired brain injuries. That’s 52 new injuries every day.

Brain injuries can happen suddenly and are often traumatic. The biggest causes of brain injury that we see in our services are stroke, road traffic accidents, assaults, falls and brain tumours.

Too often people who acquire brain injuries are young and, due to the lack of services available at the time of their injury, these young people are often left in inappropriate settings such as nursing homes, community hospitals or at home where families are unable to cope.

For more information about Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and our services visit www.abiireland.ie

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