1604 Scotson Clinic GC

Support Groups

There are a number of support groups available to service users.

The aim of the various support groups is to facilitate sharing of experiences and information in a supportive environment. The group provides a meeting place for people to get together and do this. People in the group can discuss problems they may have had and how they overcame them, giving other people a chance to use the same techniques to overcome their problems.

The groups provide information, raises awareness and offers support and advice.  Support groups are a fantastic way to meet others and pool information.

Membership of the support groups are open to individuals in the North Cork area.

These include:


Stroke Support Group


Meetings held the second Wednesday of every month at 2pm.
For further information please visit www.stroke.ie


MS Support Group

MS Ireland logo

Meetings held the first Tuesday of every month at 11am.

MS Ireland also provides community work service to people with MS and their families and carers.  This service aims to provide case work intervention to support the person and family from time of diagnosis through the transitional changes that MS, as a disease, presents.  We also provide group events that have an informative, educational, supportive or therapeutic effect.

For information on any of the above please contact Patricia Lucey, Regional Community Worker, 087 7727015 patricial@ms-society.ie
For further information please visit www.msireland.ie

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