Cork Deaf Association


The Cork Deaf Association is committed to the empowerment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Cork City and County through the provision of information, advocacy and support services.  We aim to achieve a more inclusive society, where Deaf and Hard of Hearing people enjoy equality of opportunity, independence and full citizenship.



Our services include:

Information –  on subjects such as Deafness, tinnitus, entitlements, interpreters and communication support.

Education – Sign Language classes, Deaf awareness training, lipreading etc.

Social Work – advocacy, counselling, family support and mental health support.  Kieran Melican is the CDA social worker for North Cork and can be contacted on (085) 8009639.

Aural Rehabilitation – reducing difficulties related to hearing loss, for example through hearing loss adjustment programmes, which includes advice on hearing aid use and care.

Assistive Technology (Deaftech) –  information and advice on equipment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with tinnitus. You can see some examples of assistive technology at the Gilbert Centre.

Employment Support – advice and support on jobseeking.

Accommodation Support – assisting service users to source accommodation.

Support Groups and Activities – We offer a range of activities, meetings and talks for Deaf and
Hard of Hearing people of all ages.   For example: The Elderly Deaf Group, The Hard of Hearing Support Group, The ‘Cool Youth Club’ and the ‘Smiley Summer Camp for children.

Outreach Programmes – The CDA are always seeking to extend and develop services and awareness of Deaf issues throughout Cork County, for example through information talks and demonstrations.

We also support the work of the Cork Deaf Club, run by the Deaf Community for the Deaf Community and the Cork Tinnitus Support Group who offer comprehensive supports for people with Tinnitus.


For further information contact:
The Cork Deaf Association
5 Mac Curtain Street, Cork City, Ireland.
Telephone: (021) 4505944    Text: (086) 853 5574
Fax: (021) 4506190 Email:

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